Since releasing their debut album ‘Gameplay’ on 04:11:22, which the band launched to a packed out hometown headline show at Sub89 in Reading.  Third Lung garnered immediate support from the likes of BBC Music 6 (Steve Lemacq), Record Collector, HiFi+, The Arts Desk, BBC Introducing, Amazing radio (Charlie Ashcroft), Planet Rock, Gigslutz among many others. Most recently the band signed an exciting new record deal with the world renowned and iconic Marquee Records in late2023. Following their multiple Main Stage summer festival performances at Lakefest, FiFest, Weyfest, The Willow Festival, Frogfest and Bunkfest and releasing their reimagined take of an AC/DC classic ‘It’s a long way to the top’.

“Stadium ready alt. rock anthems bringing to mind classic U2, Pixies and Bruce Springsteen. Frontman Tom Farrelly has a powerhouse of a vocal range at his disposal, and as David Letterman might say “If I had a voice like that, I’d run for President.” Record Collector

“Britpop crossed with epic 21st Century ” The Arts Desk

“British up and coming band Third Lung have a big sound and even bigger ambitions – Indie rock steeped in the stadium sound of U2, Coldplay, Queen, Muse, Springsteen and Foo Fighters.”  hi-fi+

“With all this quality you really feel that Third Lung are building towards something truly BIG” Amazing Radio – Charlie Ashcroft

“Third Lung have nailed their sound and have produced a collection of songs that are aching to grace the stage of a summer festival.” GigSlutz

Track Of The Week BBC Introducing for “The Art Of Stealing” and “No Names”

“I love this band and you will too!” BBC Introducing – Nicky Booty

“As Third Lung breathes new life into this timeless classic, we can’t help but anticipate what else they have got in store for us” “The vocals, reminiscent of the powerhouse delivery of the legendary Bon Scott, leave you in awe of their flawless execution” – Lost In The Manor